After successfully starting up South Bank Triathlon Club with two other friends, I found myself being drawn towards triathlon coaching above everything else. 

I have a clear opinion that coaching is 90% about communication, and 10% about theory. My approach is working with athletes to transform information into knowledge, and knowledge into application. 

We can all research an abundance of triathlon information online. Its what we do with that information t hat matters. I aim to be your coach, your conscience and your confidant as you tackle your triathlon goals. 

What’s on offer



Using Training Peaks – the leading online technology, we design your plans so you can access, complete and debrief each session to manage your training progress. 

Athletes can opt for a regular $15/week option or sign up for a race specific program. 


Intro to triathlon

31st October to 11th December – $199!

The course includes: 

  • 32 individually coached training sessions
  • A Super Saturday Seminar
  • 6 Swim sessions 
  • 2 Run technique sessions


Specific race coaching for:

  • Sprint distance (12 week program)
  • Olympic distance (12 week program)
  • Half Ironman (16 week program)
  • Ironman (20 week program


How we train

You are a Triathlete, not a cyclist or a runner! 

To become successful, you need to master running off the bike – particularly running long distances after a bike session. At every phase of your training there will be low heart rate efforts – they are not only great for building endurance, but they also allow you to apply your form without damaging the body. 

You will rarely run two days straight. There are so many elements to put together a good triathlon preparation – managing recovery is one very important part!

You will become one with your paddles. 85% of your swim stroke comes from your arms and body position, only 15% comes from your kick. We focus a lot on excelling in that 85%, so pull bouy and paddles will often be the order of the day! 


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